Avoid Work Cover Fines and Prosecution – tips to help you comply with the NSW workplace safety


OH & S in NSW is controlled by the government Work Cover Authority and there are many rules to promote safety in the workplace hefty fines and prosecution if you do not.

O & S rules

Many craftsmen / construction workers do not realize that in NSW if the value of all projects (not just the work they are doing personally) is more than $ 250,000.00 they are subject occupation health and safety requirements set out in Article 229 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 relating to subcontractors

particular OHS legislation provides that the subcontractor must not start construction in the workplace, NSW unless subcontractors :.

a. has been awarded, by the main contractor for the construction, a copy of those parts of the occupational health and safety management plan of work applicable to subcontractors, and

b. has undertaken an assessment of the risks associated with the work to be carried out and provide the main contractor a written safe working method statement that contains a copy of the risk assessment

c. has completed induction training with regard to occupational health and safety as specified in the occupational health and safety management plan for the workplace

Maximum punishment :. Level 3 $ 11,000.00 Penalty Notice: $ 600.00

The main contractor is the (company) as part of subcontractors.

Also subcontractor must not allow an employee of a subcontractor to start work during which the construction is carried out unless the employee has completed induction training with regard to occupational health and safety as specified in the occupational health and safety management plan for the workplace

Maximum punishment :. Level 3 $ 11,000.00 Penalty Notice: $ 600.00

A subcontractor must maintain and keep up to date Safe Work Method statement subcontractors for work, and must provide the principal contractor with information on any changes made are in a safe working method statement.

maximum penalty: Level 1 $ 2,200.00 Penalty Notice :. $ 600.00

As you can see the Work Cover fines are high and will have a negative impact on performance if you are fined and have to pay them

Termination Insurance website

As fine as you get, if you do not comply with Work Cover OH & S requirements any insurance you have can be repealed.

This could have catastrophic effects on the family, in the context of, say, income protection insurance as if you are injured insured may refuse to pay and claim that you contribute to the injury of not fulfilling Work Cover requirements.

prosecution action and civil action may also be taken against you if any of your employees are injured and you have not met the Work Cover requirements that you may be held to be negligent.

not just commercial work sites. Residential Too

This Work Cover OH & S requirements not just on commercial work less, they also apply to the construction of residential homes in NSW worth over $ 250,000.00.

As it is unlikely that the construction cost of the residential home in Sydney will be under $ 250,000.00 this means that before they begin any type of construction to be in accordance with the Work Cover rules and avoid a fine by

a. A copy of the relevant part of the OH & S Management Plan principal contractor and read it and ensure workers read it;

b. business risk assessment for the site,

c. make sure you have a written Safe Work Method Statement whose work you will be doing on site and give it to the principal contractor; and

d. participate in induction for the site given to the principal contractor and ensure employees are also accepted.

Although at first reading these requirements may sound burdensome they become second nature when put into practice, and they will keep you and you staff SAFE.

Tips To Avoid Work Cover Fines

If you do not currently have the required documentation, an easy solution is for you to contact the company that receives all the paperwork in order for you. It can

a. Prepare a Safe Work Method statement for you;

b. Prepare Site Risk Assessment Form for you; and

c. Prepare induction Record for you.

It is then just a matter of you inspecting each page and answer short questions on the risks identified for this place of standard documents have been prepared for you by OHS assistant.

By getting OHS paperwork in order that you must avoid heavy fines by Work Cover and keep you and your employees safe.

OHS is not a chore when you get a few simple systems in place and not have to be expensive. Often all you need can be prepared and provided for less than the cost of one Work Cover Penalty Notice for breach of NSW OHS legislation.


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