AS / NZS 3760: 2003 Safety Services Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment


AS / NZ 3760: 2003 is a document written by Standards Australia, which defines the methods and criteria for the in-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment is designed for connection with a flexible cord. It also applies to the cord extension sets, portable outlet, portable residual current devices. Appendices include detailed test.

1. Visual inspection

The most important test is visual inspection of the device, especially its lead / s. Cords should be firmly attached to the plugs, connection performed solidly without frayed ends. Copper terminals should be clean and not pitted.

There should be no signs of fever or melting plugs. Ways to see the whole length to ensure that there are no cuts, cracks or break. This test alone represents 80% of the testing process.

2. polarization

A polarity test is done on the router, power boards, etc, and is a functional check of the Active, Neutral and especially Earth are not incorrectly wired.

3. Insulation resistance

This test is important in devices that come in contact with water, such as pumps, cleaning and cooking appliances etc, but must be carried out on all things. This will reveal whether there are any cracks or cuts in the leadership that will result in low insulation resistance.

4. Earth Resistance

This test will go higher current (up to 25 Amp) through ways to ensure the ground wire has a strong connection.

5. Earth leakage / Touch Leakage

A leak test shall be preformed on the circuit will be energizing to be switched on. Ie circuits with electronic switches. The device is tested under load and the amount of current that leaks from the circuit is tested

6. Tag Sig

A tag will be applied to the plug end lead device. Clearly indicate the test, the date it is due to them again, and tested it.

7. Database

A complete test record will be databases, including; property id; Test results; sites and locations; retest date; property description, make and serial number; and any additional notes to test and marking our experts want to hide.


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