As it is for the 3 European committees?



There are three parties in the EU that have very similar names but very different roles

These are:

1. The Council of the European Union -. Ministers

This is one of the important decision-making body of the EU. EU Member States are represented by their ministers attending the Justus Lipsius building of the Council in Brussels, and developing regulations, directives, decisions, resolutions, resolutions, statements, recommendations or opinions.

EU Council

Passes Act (it is co-decision procedure with the Parliament).

coordinates economic policy.

Approving the EU budget.

Concluding international agreements.

defines common foreign and security policy

adopts measures to judicial cooperation.

2. The European Council (or Summit) is the highest decision making body of the EU. President of the Commission and the heads of the member states (the President and the Prime Minister) meet and develop a strategy, resolve disputes and discuss international issues of common foreign and security policy (CFSP).

The legal basis Council

first summit meetings heads of states in 1961 were successful, and later in 1977 and 1983 were definitions signed in London a statement of the Council and the Stuttgart solemn the EU.

Although these statements were not legally binding, they specified the role of the Council.

In 1987, the first time the council was mentioned in the amendments to the original creation of the EU treaties. Later Maastricht Treaty formally defined role and tasks of the Council.

Although there is no higher body mass index in the EU, Council decisions are not legally binding. These decisions will have to follow the normal process of the Union :. The Commission proposal, and a positive vote from the Parliament and the Council

3. Europe is not the creation of the EU. It is an organization that aims to protect human rights, to promote democracy and cultural diversity and to combat racism, discrimination against minorities, organized crime and corruption, violence against children.


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