A Federal Firearms license for collectors – The Curious and Relics License (C & R FFL)


If you are an avid gun collector whose interests lie in the older firearms, 50 years or older, it is a type of federal firearms license that may be right for you. It is known as the collectors of Curios and Relics firearms – (C & R) ffl, also known as type-3 license. The exact definition of these firearms is listed in 27 CFR 478.11, Subpart B, and usually most old military rifles like those from WW1, and WW2.

One very important thing to note is that this is a collector’s authorization of certain firearms and not a dealer license. As such, you are allowed to buy firearms, not sell them as a dealer. You are, however, may sometimes sell these firearms in favor of collection. For example, if you’re looking to upgrade your gun in the current collection, you can sell what you have.

The main advantage of having a C & R license is that it allows you to buy firearms directly from the dealer. You will be able to order

from the store or online and have it delivered directly to you without having it shipped to the retailer first. The benefit of this is that by eliminating this extra step you’ll usually pay less for your firearm.

Another added bonus of C & R license is that it is both the easiest and cheapest to get any of FFL license. Fee for C & R license is $ 30.00 and is good for three years

For C & R your license you need to fill out two forms. ATF F 7FR (5310.16) and ATF form 5330.20. Both of these are available online on the ATF website. Once you have received the forms you need to fill out 2 copies of 7FR. The first one is sent with the payment of $ 30.00 to BATF. The second one is sent to the local Chief law enforcement officer phone. This will probably be the town’s police chief or head of the local sheriffs department. If you are not sure which one it is, call them and ask. Other for you to fill out, the rear form 5330.20. This is the alien compliance form which basically confirms your residence.

Since C & R license is intended for collectors, there is very little paperwork involved. You just have to keep what is known as Bound Book. It’s just you with the purchase and sale you do after you get your license. There are no background check required if you sell firearms, and you do not have to fill out a form 4473rd

Finally, if you are in doubt, the ATF has a lot of information listed on their website. They list the types of firearms covered by C & R license, detailed requirements for obtaining permits and inspections that you may be subject. As you can see the C & R FFL is designed especially for collectors, and has been designed to be relatively easy to obtain. So if you are looking for permission to collect older firearms and those that are specifically listed as being curios and artifacts, this is a license for you.


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