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cooperation is one step ahead of the traditional verbal communication process continues with the business. Cooperation with regard to trade and other such times are also prone to encounter a common link of conflict, as the difference of views and misconceptions ideas. To solve these problems and ideas that can infest productive environmental activities, are designed as a legal cooperation agreement and signed by the parties. When it is done, the parties concerned are legally connected to each other until an agreement will be formally terminated.

In order to follow the fair and smooth cooperation agreement, one should follow the necessary checklist of items to be included in the partnership agreement:

1) Define the contribution of each partner :. ensure that the contribution each partner is clearly stated in the partnership agreement

2) Define division of labor between the partners It is an important task to classify companies by each partner and define that which will make it how they will do it and that any form desired decision point

3) Define the property with the collaboration: This step defines the intangible characteristics of cooperation such as land, land or buildings as well as other components as customers , infrastructure, design; basically require any physical and mental qualities to come out and clearly defined in the contract

4) Define the use of the property by the individual partners :. This includes any limitations that need to be taken care of by the hotel sharers who are members of the Convention. What kind of usage restrictions must be clearly stated in the contract

5) define a revenue :. This step is to take care of all such cases as a percentage of the profits for each member, etc.

6) Define procedures for handling tax, accounting and bank accounts: This includes all signing privileges for accounts, shopping, etc. with respect to all partners

7) Define settlement plan for potential disputes :. Turning the dispute to an intermediary, agreed on in advance or business advisory board, is one way to solve problems. The choice of this should be clearly stated in the contract

8) Define action when one partner decides to leave the contract :. Legal statements like having a buyout should be included in the contract accordingly

9) Define action if one partner dies or becomes disabled or handicapped :. If one accomplice becomes bedridden or dies, how will the other (s) carry on business? Taking such decisions would save future risks that can lead to business collapse, the lack of immediate military action. Including appropriate solutions as buyout agreement in the partnership agreement can solve the purpose

10) Define steps to address the sale of the company :. This includes decisions on final approach to small businesses. In the case of the plan involves selling the company off, then all partners need to agree on it, as well as a business evaluation and dissemination of net income.

Employing mode written partnership agreement makes it more convenient and simpler for formal agreements owners to look at the potential risks or circumstances that may arise and create controversy later. Generally, people fall cooperation needed when the person they are dealing with is a good friend or family terms with them; according to statistics, some of the horrifying and disgraceful cooperation wear have occurred among friends, who took the same professional domain associated.

A major advantage of using Partnership Agreement is that it allows each business and process contract much Placid, more politicians and less ruffled along prevent problems that may intensify the firefighting issues. Also, since cooperation is somewhat complicated issue, it is recommended that they should be drawn and designed by legal experts and authorities.


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